A Model With Skin Cancer Rallies Brazilians to Protect Themselves in Nivea Social Campaign

Country Has High Skin Cancer Rate, Yet Many Don't Use Sunscreen

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Dec 07, 2016

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Model and actress Barbara Evans, who was diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of 22, fronts a new social media campaign from Nivea Sun in Brazil that aims to dispel some myths about the disease and rally people to show that they're protecting themselves.

The campaign, by Isobar, shows Ms. Evans speaking about her experience with skin cancer, and then interviews some ordinary Brazilians claiming that they don't need to worry because they have dark skin, or only go in the sun 30 minutes a day while running. According to Nivea, data from Brazil's National Cancer Institute indicates that one person dies of skin cancer every three hours in Brazil, a tropical country. However, roughly 150 million people still don't use sunscreen.

The aim of the campaign is to get Brazilians using sunscreen as part of their daily routine. The brand is trying to get celebrities, like Ms. Evans, to galvanize their social media followers to take selfies, with a pattern of sunscreen on their faces -- rather like war paint -- with the hashtag #AMarcaDaProteção (the Protection Brand).