This Billboard is Cleaning the Polluted Pasig River in the Philippines

Shokubutsu Hana Creates Outdoor Ad Made of Cleansing Grass

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Jun 05, 2014

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We've heard of water-purifying books and water-generating billboards. Now, check out this creative outdoor ad by Shokubutsu Hana, a line of body washes that are made from clean plant-based materials, not chemicals. To demonstrate this, the company created a billboard made of Vetiver, a perennial grass used to treat wastewater, stabilize landfills and garbage dumpsites. It reduces pollutants in dirty water. The billboard, which spells "Clean River Soon," was set afloat down the Pasig River in the Philippines by TBWA/SMP, effectively helping clean up the wastewater in the river (much of which can be blamed on the chemicals used by personal care companies.)


Jun 05, 2014
Shokubutsu Hana
Shokubutsu Hana

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