This app allows you to simply push a button to get pizza

A Team of Teens Simplifies Late Night Pie Orders

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Aug 05, 2014

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Stoners and pizza-lovers rejoice! There is now an app that, quite literally, allows you to "Push for Pizza."

Launched earlier today in the iPhone app store, the idea is as simple as it sounds -- push once to fulfill those late night munchies in an instant and have a pie delivered to your door -- a concept somewhat reminiscent of TBWARAAD Dubai's pizza-ordering magnet

The application is built on top of, an open platform for online food ordering that provides access to 40+ food ordering websites acros the country such as The team behind the application consists of "five teenagers and one mature adult," according to the app's website. The former are 19-year-old childhood friends Maximillian Hellerstein, Cyrus Summerlin, Graham Carling, Will Haack and Demitri Nava, while the older, responsible one is a man named Adam Lisagor, who has created ads for other tech products like Jawbone's Jambox and Flipboard.

Mr. Haack and Mr. Nava, now both at MIT, and Mr. Carling, who currently attends Brown, all work on the back end design. Mr. Hellerstein and Mr. Summerlin focus more on the user interface and marketing, as well as on financing the project.

The latter two have been acting as the face of the brand and also star in "The Easiest Way to Order, Ever" promotional video, seen here, with another childhood friend. In it, they reenact the brainstorm session from whence the "Push for Pizza" idea came. Details in the video suggest some "herbal" inspiration was involved. but Mr. Summerlin assures that the puff of smoke about 30 seconds into the film was produced with a prop cigarette for purely comedic purposes -- and that it wasn't very pleasant.

This is not the first entrepreneurial endeavor for Mr. Hellerstein and Mr. Summerlin -- in 2011, they launched the first of multiple apparel lines, Dead Heart. Their shirt and accessory designs gained popularity and have been worn by rappers including Wiz Khalifa and Swizz Beatz as well as actress Dakota Fanning. "We learned that you can actually make money from your ideas," Mr. Summerlin told Creativity.

Next, the group is launching another application -- Famusi, a music app that uses the SoundCloud API and a stock-market-inspired algorithm to promote new artists.


Aug 05, 2014
Push for Pizza
Push for Pizza
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