The Horrific Aftermath of Running out of Toilet Paper

Angel Soft Has Fun With an Awkward Situation

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Jul 24, 2014

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No doubt we've all experienced that feeling of dread arriving at that last square of toilet paper -- made especially more traumatic when that last square is not connected to at least five other squares, and you've just gone number two.

It's a catastrophic situation not just for the person on the loo, but also all the loved ones around him or her, which agency Moxie, Atlanta captures with comedic finesse in these charming online spots for Angel Soft. The films include, for example, some smart solutions to avoiding the noxious bathroom cloud, another shows what happens if no one's there to rescue you, yet another illustrates what happens when those who could help you out are apathetic teens and a final film submits a pooch to questionable treatment.

According to the agency, the brand in recent years had seen its market share decrease, so Moxie sought to gain audience attention with a simple bit of human insight -- that everyone runs out of TP and no one ever wants to be the one to bring you a new roll.


Jul 24, 2014
Brand :
Angel Soft
Client :
Angel Soft
Agency :
Senior Copywriter :
Patton Smith
Senior Art Director :
Chris Bailey
Creative Director :
Erik Hostetler
Chief Creative Officer :
Anthony Reeves
Director :
Marc Greenfield
Production House :
Editing :
Producer :
Sherry Merola

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