Watch the five commercials Quibi aired in the Oscars

The streaming service is making a big marketing push ahead of its debut in April

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Feb 10, 2020

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After dropping its first TV commercial during the Super Bowl, Quibi will air five new commercials during the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

Quibi is using the awards show to build brand awareness ahead of the streaming platform’s debut on April 6. It's an interesting strategy for a service that is positioning itself to audiences who don't watch much traditional TV.

The commercials are meant to show the service’s “immersive viewing experience while playing tribute to the rich history of Hollywood movie-making on Hollywood’s biggest night,” the company said in a statement.

Quibi, which is short for “quick bites,” will air one 30-second ad and four 15-second ads throughout the broadcast on ABC. The platform is designed for mobile viewing with content that can be watched in 10 minutes or less.

The 30-second ad is set in the White House Oval Office with the president and her team discussing an asteroid that will hit the earth in “two, maybe three Quibis, tops.” So she pulls out her phone and watches an episode of “Dummy,” starring Anna Kendrick.

In another spot, an Indiana Jones-type character is stuck in quicksand with just 10 minutes until he sinks, so he watches an episode of “Chrissy’s Court,” starring Chrissy Teigen, on Quibi.


There’s also a space-themed ad where an astronaut is running out of air, but she is confident she has a Quibi left to finish an episode of “The Most Dangerous Game” starring Liam Hemsworth.


The fourth ad is set in a zombie apocalypse where the main character has been bitten by a zombie. Knowing he will turn into a zombie himself in only a Quibi, he begins an episode of “Elba vs. Block.”


And the fifth ad shows a throwback cartoon world, where a sheriff gets tied up on the train tracks. The villain tells him the train will arrive in just a Quibi. The sheriff struggles to free his arms so he can pull out his phone and watch an episode of “The Now” featuring Bill Murray.


Streaming services are expected to be well represented during the Oscars. Hulu and Disney Plus will also air commercials in the awards show.


Feb 10, 2020
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