Electrolux Shows Off Quiet Vacuum with a Super-Quiet Concert

An Orchestra Plays 'Carmen' Without Going Over 43 Decibels

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Jul 29, 2013

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Electrolux's new vacuum is so quiet, you can barely hear it. The brand's "ergothree" line doesn't rise above 43 decibels -- but what does that mean? To demonstrate, TBWA Hakuhodo set up a concert called "43dB Symphony," featuring an orchestra led by a sensitive conductor who had right in front of him a sound level meter. If the sound levels went up -- either because of an overzealous member of the orchestra or the audience -- they got rewarded with a stern look by the conductor.

The orchestra played "Carmen" without going over 43dB, a track that usually exceeds 90dB when performed.

We've seen a concert as the setting for brand creativity in the past -- notably by BNP Paribas, which introduced a mobile-only bank with a mobile orchestra, as well as Unilever's Cream Silk, which tested the strength of hair washed with the product by making violins out of it.