The Racial Justice Bookshelf aims to educate while supporting Black-owned businesses

Creatives from Work & Co., Google Creative Lab create resource for those wanting more info on how to be anti-racist

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Jun 19, 2020

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On the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth, as the fight for racial justice and equality ramps up in the wake of yet more senseless deaths of Black Americans at the hands of police, many Americans are likely looking for ways to better educate themselves on what it means to be anti-racist. A new platform, the Racial Justice Bookshelf, may be a good first stop.

Created by Leah Rajaratnam, a product management lead at Work & Co., Maya Man, a creative technologist at Google Creative Lab and Jon Soat founder and co-founder of art and design collective Point in Passing, it houses a collection of links to books about the African American and Black experience, spanning categories including biography, history, sociology and even young adult. 

Racial Justice Bookshelf

Click on any one, and you will be talent to a list of Black-owned businesses where the books can be purchased.

Rajaratnam says the idea was inspired by the surge of popularity of anti-racist books on bestseller lists in recent weeks. “But I couldn’t help wondering where the money from those sales was going,” she said in a statement. “We wanted to make it easy for anti-racist education to go hand in hand with supporting Black-owned bookstores who have been spotlighting Black voices and stories for years.”

The point was also to create a convenient stop for those searching for more information. “Lots of people were sharing lists of books and bookstores via an instagram post or a Google doc, but those can sometimes get lost in constant flow of content,” Man added. “We hope this website can be a home for those resources that people can easily return to again and again.” 

The hope is that the site will become a resource for not just Black voices, but those of other people of color as well and the creators say ideally, it will showcase books from a breadth of BIPOC authors “because supporting more equal representation and pay in the publishing industry is an anti-racist cause in and of itself,” their statement said.

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Jun 20, 2020

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