LeBron James Gets Wet as he Compares Doubt to Rain in Kia's Latest Spot

A Metaphor for His Career Challenges

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Mar 17, 2017

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In a new spot for Kia, LeBron James uses rain as a metaphor for the doubt he's faced in his career.

"Doubt isn't a storm, it's a drizzle. Just enough to make you stay inside ... or second guess yourself ... or quit," says James in a voiceover. He's pictured in various scenes -- training, giving a press conference, watching replays of his games on TV -- all with rain falling into them. "That's only if you're afraid of a little rain," he concludes, as we see him driving confidently along in a Kia through the streets of Cleveland on a wet night.

The ad, directed by Johnny Green at Reset for David & Goliath, begins airing March 17 across NBA media including TNT, ABC, ESPN and NBA TV.