The Rainforest Fire Channel

Published On
Jul 01, 2021


To put it mildly, 2019 was a bad year for natural disasters. But in a year of terrible events, one stood out from the rest: in late August huge tracts of the Amazon rainforest, one of the most ecologically significant environments on Earth, was burning at an alarming rate. As the flames spread and the destruction grew, the fire dominated headlines around the world – but eventually the world’s attention moved on, even though the fires continued to blaze. The brief from The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) was to reignite alarm and raise funds to fight the Amazon deforestation and the complacency that had settled in around it.

Our strategy: give our social channels a reason to bring the dire situation back into the newsfeeds again and break Canadians out of their complacent holiday haze.

The result was the Rainforest Channel, a take on the classic Fireplace Channel, except with yule logs replaced with actual footage of the Amazon burning. It live-streamed right through to New Year’s, reminding everyone of the one fire we should all be watching closely over the holidays.


Jul 01, 2021
Agency :
Zulu Alpha Kilo
Client :
Amazon Rainforest Conservancy
Creative Director :
Zak Mroueh
Art Director :
Michael Romaniuk
Writer :
Jackson Kemp
Designer :
Vince Rozas
Account Team :
Rob Feightner
Account Team :
Eric Kormos
Account Team :
Haley Holm
Planning Team :
Stephanie Gyles
Client :
Jana Bell
Media Agency :
Media Team :
Kate Mateer
Producer :
Marko Stevelic
Production House :
Editor :
Ashlee Mitchell
Audio Engineer :
Stephen Stepanic
Interactive Developer :
Jake Edwards

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