A sexual assault survivor's hospital wait becomes an interminable ordeal

Droga5's PSA for RAINN is directed by Smuggler's Samantha Scaffidi

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Nov 27, 2019

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A long, dull wait in a hospital waiting room becomes an interminable ordeal for a woman in need of help. The reason for her visit is unclear, but her agitation increases as the few nurses on staff tend to people with more visible injuries.

The seconds tick by with ominous impact, and the small annoyances of office life—clacking keys, pencil sharpeners—grow into a maddening cacophony as she waits with no end in sight. Unable to sit still anymore, she makes for the exit, leaving only a momentarily confused nurse, who quickly moves on to other patients.

This is the situation that faces many sexual assault survivors, waiting in a hospital after being attacked, often unable to clean themselves for fear of destroying evidence. A nursing shortage exacerbates the issue, as does a lack of training for health care workers about how to help survivors.

The PSA from Droga5 is for RAINN, the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the U.S. and is directed by Samantha Scaffidi via Smuggler.


Nov 27, 2019
Droga5-New York
Production Company:
Sofie Borup
Company 3

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