This Betting App Ad Shows Just How Much It Sucks to Not Win

Droga5 London Debuts First Work as AOR

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Aug 24, 2016

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The U.K.'s Kwiff is a mobile-only sports betting app that gives users an extra boost of excitement by randomly "supercharging" the odds on any bet that users make. That means that while two users might make the same bet at the same time during the same game, their outcomes could end up very, very different. One player may end up with nothing, while another could get "Kwiffed" and have a chance at a more tremendous payout.

With the help of Droga5 London, which became the client's first AOR in June, Kwiff has illustrated this totally unfair scenario in a way that even non-gamblers could understand. For the film "Random Acts of Unfairness," the agency took over an East London pub during a Premier League game. It split the bar straight down the middle with a giant, clear wall. Pub-goers watched the game from both sides of the divide and those on one end got a special surprise -- a confetti-like shower of 50- and 5-pound notes. Those on the opposite end, however, could do nothing but watch as their fellow bar patrons raked in the dough. "Be on the right side of unfair," the endline reads.

"Whereas most betting experiences are just black and white, Kwiff is full technicolor in 4K with surround sound," said Droga5 London ECD Steve Howell in a statement. "It adds another element to betting, a new feeling that you wouldn't have felt before making a bet. We wanted to simply dramatize this 'kwiff' moment: when jealousy ensues and life becomes a little bit more unfair."

"With this first campaign we want to explain one of the big differences between us and what's out there today," added Kwiff CEO and Co-Founder Karl Engstrom. "Yes, I do think that some competitors might feel that it's a bit unfair when they look at both our product and the campaigns we can do, not being stuck in old school gambling methods."


Aug 24, 2016
Brand :
Client :
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Chief Executive Offier :
Karl-Gustav Engstrom
Chief Creative Officer :
David Kolbusz
Executive Creative Director :
Rick Dodds
Executive Creative Director :
Steve Howell
Art Director :
Thomas Bender
Copywriter :
Thomas Corcoran
Account Director :
Alex Dousie
Director, Strategy :
James Broomfield
Head of Strategy :
Toto Ellis
Designer :
Chris Chapman
Director :
David Stoddart
Head of Production :
Chris Watling
Producer :
Jayde Thomas
Director, Photography :
Dennis Madden
Editor :
Max Downey
Colorist :
Vince Narduzzo
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