The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada : @random

Highlighting a disease random in nature.

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May 19, 2011

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To highlight the random nature of Tourette Syndrome, (which many people think of as uncontrolled swearing but can in fact be made up of a number of different symptoms including anxiety attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and physical ticks) The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada has launched a documentary project.

Its website, At Random, shows a documentary made up of a series of film clips made about people suffering from Tourette Syndrome. However, clips are selected at random, so no two visitors to the site will see the same documentary. Viewers can also select how long they want their film to be.


May 20, 2011
Brand :
The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada
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The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada
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Saatchi & Saatchi
Executive Creative Director :
Helen Pak
Executive Creative Director :
Brian Sheppard
Executive Creative Director :
Brett Channer
Agency Producer :
Matt Shipp
Agency Producer :
Jen Mete
Art Director :
Helen Pak
Writer :
Brian Sheppard
Website Development :
Pixel Pusher
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Common Good
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Composer :
Lydia Ainsworth
Digital Production :
Amy Miranda

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