This Springy Video Game is Actually a Way to Test Out Nike Running Shoes

W&K Shanghai Created Immersive In-Store Experience 'Reactland'

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Mar 13, 2018

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Nike's new Epic React running shoes are all about softness, lightness and bounce. Working with Wieden & Kennedy Shanghai, the brand created an immersive in-store experience for shoppers to test them: You tie on the sneakers and jog on a treadmill while your video-game avatar races through a fluffy, springy fantasy world.

The game, called Reactland, is somewhat reminiscent of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros., though, as Wieden says, it has "clouds, springs, pillows and other fun elements to metaphorically demonstrate the benefit of Nike React technology." There's a Great Wall of China in the clouds, and a Chinese metropolis with floating buildings. When you jog across the rooftops of Paris, you're accompanied by a sneaker-clad giant leaping frog. Other famous landmarks like Mt. Fuji, the Pyramids of Giza and the Statue of Liberty make appearances too, along with giant cartoon pandas. It's a bit more fanciful than, say, the Nike+ Running Trial Zone at the New York Soho store, where the treadmill faces a screen showing you Central Park or the West Side Highway.

The 3-minute experience is running at Nike stores in the Chinese cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu. Everyone who tries it gets a 10-second clip of their experience that's designed for social sharing.


Mar 13, 2018
Brand :
Nike China
Client :
Nike China
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy-Shanghai
Vice President, Marketing :
Steve Tsoi
Senior Director, Brand Experience :
Simon Lee
Director, Greater China Brand Communications :
Che Lin
Senior Brand Manager :
Miao Wang
Executive Creative Director :
Ian Toombs
Executive Creative Director :
Vivian Yong
Creative Director :
Okan Usta
Creative Director :
Hesky Lu
Art Director :
Josh King
Copywriter :
Aier Xu
Head of Integrated Production :
Sanne Drogtrop
Creative Technologist :
Rhys Turner
Interactive Producer :
Xiong Xiong
Producer :
Fang Yuan
Tech Developer :
June Xie
Senior Planner :
Leon Lin
Creative Planner :
Carina Huang
Business Director :
Dino Xu
Senior Account Manager :
Qinna Ye
Senior Account Executive :
Xueer Ren
Head of Project Management :
Nicole Bee
Business Affairs :
Jessica Deng
Business Affairs :
Kathy Zhan
Head of Designers :
Fish Ho
Designer :
Helen Yu
PR Manager :
Evelyn Hsu
Executive Producer :
Marc D'Souza
Producer :
Yi Nong Dong
Producer :
Martino Butti
Project Manager :
Feodar Voloshin
Project Manager :
Mengwei (Grace) Guo
Game Director :
Alexander Horton
Creative Director :
YiFei Chai
Pixel Artist :
Gustavo Viselner
Pixel Artist :
Bruno Moraes
Pixel Artist :
Romain Courtois
Game Designer :
Jakub Jakubowski
Art Director :
Karol Goreczny
Art Director :
Mariusz Kucharczyk
Product Design :
Yu-Chang Chou
UX Lead :
Silvia Massotti
Designer :
Mitch Fernandes
3D Model :
Julien Didisheim
Character Animation :
Virgil Tanasa
Character Rigging :
Brian Horgan
Sound Design :
Jamie Finlay
Tech Lead :
Andrew Oaten
Hardware Developer :
Christian Bianchini
FE Developer :
Payulina Banasiak-Pietraszek
FE Developer :
Kostas Tsergoulas
Head of QA :
Dominic Berzins
QA Staff :
Tom Watson
QA Staff :
Rozzie McCann
QA Staff :
Adam Mingay
QA Staff :
Evi Nathanaili
BE Developer :
FE Developer :
Maja Matusiak
Tech Support :
Maciej Dudek
Tech Support :
Jorge Esteves
Tech Support :
Ivan Tchekashkin
Tech Support :
Cristian Bovino
Tech Support :
Alexandre Schnoebelen
Tech Support :
Senthil Seveelavanan
Producer On-Site :
Lin (Rainie) Ma
Producer On-Site :
Bei (Bella) Yu
Producer On-Site :
Ming Xuan (Vincent) Zhang
Production Assistant :
Rose Hung
Post Production :
Dirty Robber
Executive Producer :
Jason Puris
Producer :
Jamie Qualtrough
Creative Director :
Nick Frew
Animator :
Hombre McSteez
Editor :
Oliver Riley-Smith
Studio :
Curious Beast
Executive Producer :
Colin Brown
Producer :
Colin Brown
Director :
Dante Zaballa
Lead Animator :
Dante Zaballa
Sound Design :
Josh Derry

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