Danny McBride Can't Understand Why 'Less Is More' in XBox Game Pass Spot

Ad Promotes Package Offering Over 100 Games for $9.99

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Jun 01, 2017

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Danny McBride doesn't do understated, and that makes him the perfect pitchman for Xbox to promote Game Pass, a new gaming service that offers users unlimited access to over 100 games for $9.99.

In a new spot promoting the service, McBride is outraged when a director in some "Game of Thrones" style epic tells him to tone things down and that "less is more." He strides around the studio lot letting rip on why more is always better -- and that's why he loves Xbox Game Pass, where you can see "more dudes chainsawing other dudes" etcetera. He also wants more snacks, and more people to come up to me on the street and say, 'Hey Danny, you were great in Your Highness."

The ad is by Ayzenberg Group and was directed by Caviar's Jody Hill (who's often directed McBride before in ads.)