You Just Need a Reliable Phone for Real Life, Says Nokia in Spot for its 8 Sirocco

Spot by Forsman & Bodenfors Positions Brand as the Anti iPhone

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Feb 28, 2018

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Having missed out on the smartphone revolution early on, Nokia is having something of a comeback. Its Android handsets, now made by HMD, are outselling the ilkes of Google and HTC according to TechRadar, and in the U.K., it came third behind Apple and Samsung in smartphone sales in Q4 2017.

Now the Finnish brand is promoting its new 8 Sirocco model with a spot by Forsman & Bodenfors, directed by Tomas Jonsgården at Bacon, that positions it as a kind of antidote to the iPhone/Galaxy. It's a phone, says the ad, designed for real life--for people who don't have friends who look like models, who listen to embarrassing music and who just need stuff like a decent GPS to get to the garage when their car breaks down in the snow.

"Up in the cold North we are taught to craft extraordinary things you can depend real life," says the voiceover, as we see a naked Finnish guy ice-fishing. For those who've had enough of Apple's sunny Californian vibe, this could be the "hygge" answer to phone advertising.