takes the piss out of reality shows to highlight real home shoppers

New campaign from Huge builds on the 'Homes, for the Real of Us' platform

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Jul 26, 2019

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Obnoxious (and obnoxiously rich) housewives sit poolside at a mcmansion as they bitch about their bitchy friend (who’s about to come over in a minute). A hipster-chic couple—an alpaca whisperer and an early adopter—complain because they only have $7 million to find their perfect “refurbished beachfront mountaintop chalet in Malibu.”

The stars of a new campaign from are everything you love—and hate—about reality TV, but they’re definitely not reality. They’re paradigms of the artificial, touched-up world that dominates our screens big and small, contributing to that anxiety, that you, a real person, might feel when you’re out shopping for a home. 

But in the ads asserts that it’s here to help take away some of those pressures. Toward the end of the spots, the housewives’ artificially plumped lips shrink to normal as they morph into suburban next-door neighbors, and the stylish pair transforms into a couple of average dudes, lounging on their couch—to show how is here to help find “homes, for the real of us.”

“There are a lot of fantasies out there when it comes to where you live, but the reality of owning your own home outshines every megamansion, every mountainside retreat, every ultra-modern, minimal abode,” said Andrew Strickman, head of brand and chief creative for in a statement. “Our new campaign serves as a humorous reminder to not be discouraged by unattainable stereotypes, and that  is here to help you find a real home that matters to you.” 
“Today's world, be it through television shows, celebrities, influencers, or social media, can set some very unreal expectations on what life should be,” added Fede Garcia, global executive creative director at Huge. “But people don't live in that unreal world, they live in a very real world with very real needs and especially with very real budgets. With this campaign, we wanted to show them how has the tools to help them find a place that they love because it's exactly what they need.”

The spots, directed by Aircastle via Rattling Stick, build on the platform introduced in's "Public Reality Announcement" campaign from earlier this year.