Hellman's Brazil Suggests Meal Ideas As You Browse The Aisles

Follows "Recipe Receipt" with smart tablet that knows your location in store

Published On
May 15, 2013

Editor's Pick

Last year, Hellmann's Brazil brought us the brilliant Recipe Receipt, where menu suggestions were printed out on the receipts of those who purchased the product, combining mayonnaise with other ingredients they bought. Now, the brand has stretched the idea further with Recipe Cart, which uses NFC technology to immediately suggest meal ideas to shoppers as they walk past other ingredients.

Digital agency CUBOCC devised the month-long campaign, fitting shopping carts at a Sao Paulo supermarket with touchscreen tablets. When consumers placed a jar of Hellmann's in their cart, the tablet detected where they were in the store and made suggestions. For example, if they walked past the vegetable section, a video of a salad with mayonnaise began to play on the screen. If they liked the recipe they could use the tablet to find all the necessary ingredients in store, and they could also share the meal idea via social media. According to Hellman's, 45,000 customers were involved in the campaign and sales rose by almost 70 percent as a result.