Ikea Turns Its Modular Kitchens Into Cooking Ingredients

The Message Is: You Can Mix Them Up to Fit Your Taste

Published On
Aug 31, 2015

Editor's Pick

Last year, BBH Asia Pacific dreamed up the massively viral video plugging the "simple and intuitive" Ikea print catalogue as though it were a new digital gadget and meanwhile, poking fun at Apple's marketing style. For Halloween, it turned Ikea's hyper-cheerful shopping aisles into a scene out of "The Shining." While the agency's latest work for Ikea probably won't match those for viral buzz, it's cute, with great execution (the direction is by Javier Laurenco of 4Humans).

The video is part of an integrated campaign for Ikea's Metod range of modular kitchens in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. BBH's spot is a visual pun: The range lets you "cook up" your own kitchen, whatever your personal taste.

All the elements of the kitchen get shrunk down to the scale of a dollhouse and tossed into a saucepan together. Red cabinets are preserved like meat, on a Styrofoam tray under shrink wrap. Light bulbs crack open like eggs. Tiny nails from a spice jar get sprinkled onto a Teflon pan, while on the screen flashes a warning: "Seriously, do not try this at home." The 2016 Ikea print catalogue gets a plug at the end, too.