The Red Cross infiltrates 'Fortnite' to get gamers to ‘save’ lives

Wunderman Thompson created ‘Liferun’ game mode

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Jan 23, 2020

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A new campaign for the International Red Cross infiltrates “Fortnite” to get gamers to “save” lives instead of take them in order to collect points. 

“Liferun" is a custom creative game mode for "Fortnite" that allows players to act as International Red Cross (ICRC) workers.

To create it, agency Wunderman Thompson Seattle partnered with gaming specialists Team Evolve, which had previously worked on a "Fortnite" Nike tie-up and the "Fortnite Creative Showdown." Gaming builders were tapped to redesign the entire game to look like a battlefield with images such as an ICRC helicopter. 

The creative mode is based on the ICRC’s real objectives and highlights the core activities it is carrying out in its operations in over 80 countries around the world. Players compete to heal civilians, rebuild essential infrastructure, demine territories and distribute aid as fast as possible—all actions that will earn them points. To access the free game mode players input a special code, which was launched at gaming congress PAX South 2020 this week with the help of gaming influencers DrLupo, ONE_shot_GURL and Lachlan.

“There is a whole other kind of war hero that we haven’t seen, having grown up influenced by the media, movies, and television shows,” said Danielle Trivisonno-Hawley, executive creative director and executive VP, Wunderman Thompson Seattle, in a statement. “Kids grow viewing soldiers as ultimate heroes, and we don’t often see or talk about the other side of war–the side that needs compassion and people fighting to save innocent lives. But through 'Liferun,' we can start to change that narrow view of heroism." Trivisonno-Hawley added that while the efforts are starting in this game, "we plan to tackle one emerging platform at a time. This is only just the beginning as we work to change the conversation.” 


Jan 23, 2020
Client :
International Red Cross
Agency :
Wunderman Thompson-Seattle
EVP and ECD :
Danielle Trivisonno-Hawley
EVP Product & Service Design :
Jason Brush
Senior Art Director :
Claire Nellessen
Director of Integrated Production :
Craig Jelniker
Chief Creative Officer :
Rick Albano
Agency :
Game Developer :
Team Evolve

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