Mystery Surrounds a Red Stain in This Delightful Film for the Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Film by Rodrigo Saavedra Premiered at Sundance

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Jan 22, 2018

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The Francis Ford Coppola winery enlisted the talents of Brazilian director Rodrigo Saavedra for a delightfully entertaining branded short film, "The Red Stain," that premiered at Sundance this week.

The 10-minute film is set in a stunningly photographed Italian town, where Billy, a young American abroad, takes his shirt to the local dry cleaner, sporting a large red stain. The dry cleaner and his wife then speculate wildly as to the cause of the stain, competing to outdo each other on fantastical stories, which we see played out on the screen. The wife is convinced there's a romantic tale behind it, while the husband has a theory involving boxing, chess, spies and more. Each of the stories becomes crazier and crazier, with aliens, vampires, threesomes and more piled into the storylines. But will we ever discover what the innocent-looking Billy, (played by Francesco di Raimundo), was really up to?

Saavedra, who directed via The Directors Bureau, lends several inventive and hilarious touches to the film, in which Coppola wine plays a small, but significant, role. Roman Coppola helped select the Brazilian director, who according to the company "captured the essence of the Coppola brand." Saavedra's recent commercial work includes spots for Nissan, Modelo, Nufferton and Scrabble.

Also at Sundance (of which the Francis Ford Coppola winery is the wine sponsor), the brand unveiled the winner of the Francis Coppola Director's Short Film Competition, a film named "Sombras" (Shadows), directed by Jon Ayon. All five short film competition finalists and The Red Stain can be viewed in their entirety at


Jan 22, 2018
Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Rodrigo Saavedra
Francesco di Raimundo
Gianfranco Mazzoni
Daniela Igliozzi
The Rich Lady:
Giulia Di Quilio
Kyle Portman
Boxer 2:
Emanuele Barbalonga
Alien Husband:
Marco Nobili
Bet collector:
Enrico Maria Ferrante
Rodrigo Saavedra
Director, Photography:
Pierre de Kerchove
Production Designer:
Francesca di Mottola
1st Assistant Director:
Mario Corrado
2nd Assistant Director:
Collette Pacini
Carla Maimoni
Focus Puller:
Riccardo Umetelli
Camera Operator:
Steffano Salemme
2nd Camera Assistant:
Alessio Giannoni
Digital Imaging Technician:
Sandro de Frino
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Simone Brancatello
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Spartaco Calandrelli
Stills Photographer:
Pierre A. Transunto
Sound Engineer:
Pompeo Iaquone
Boom Operator:
Luigi Melchionda
Ass. Production Designer:
Alberto Brunelli
Set Decorator:
Livia del Priore
Ass. Set Decorator:
Eleonora Uras
Prop Master:
Stefano Morbidelli
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Daily Labour:
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Gisa Rinaldi
Makeup Artist:
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Hair Stylist:
Italo di Pinto
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Armandina Bernardini
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Emiliano Cera
Key Grip:
Giorgio Pezzotti
Massimiliano Lanciotti
Mauro Faina
Simone Barbona
Luigi Calvitti
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Moreno Faina
Alex Bramucci
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Massimo Alagia:
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Art Dept. Truck:
Aurelian Lonescu
Script Supervisor:
Alessia Vincenzini
Casting Director:
Claudio Aloia
Executive Producer:
Monica Riccioni
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Martino Benvenuti
Executive Producer:
Sue Yeon Ahn
Executive Producer:
Roman Coppola
Junior Producer:
Alice Chauvain
Unit Production Manager:
Davide Tov
Production Manager:
Giuseppe Manzi
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Francesco Cimpanelli
Production Coordinator:
Federica Nardelli
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Edoardo Catellani
Production Assistant:
Erico de Paola
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Carolina Poccioni
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Mario Courrier
Chief Account Cashier:
Katia Filagna
Camera Equipment:
Panalight S.p.A.
Sole Catering
New Extras
License of Public Land:
Maurizio Marini Team
License of Public Land:
Suppliers Store:
Ferramenta Piacenti
Autoservizi Tiberina
Directors Assistant:
Clara Behrmann
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The Directors Bureau
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Think Cattleya
Production Company:
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Mosh Post Production
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Chico Castellano
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Israel Junior
Bruno Serroni
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Fabio Gangi

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