Nature Valley Guilt-Trips Parents Over Their Screen-Addicted Kids

Canadian Ad Asks Three Generations What They Did for Fun as Kids

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Jul 23, 2015

Editor's Pick

Nature Valley Canada asked three generations from the same families what they did for fun as a child in a docu-style ad that seems aimed at guilt-tripping parents into buying its products.

The answers are somewhat predictable -- Grandma went blueberry picking as a child, Dad played baseball and hide and see, Mom built forts, but all the kids can talk about is video games. The ad, by Cossette, then takes what seems a pretty simplistic approach; showing the parents wiping away tears as they think about their screen-addicted offspring and encouraging them to reconnect (or just plain connect) their kids with nature. There's no nuance here, but the ad seems to have struck a chord with parents -- it's had over a million YouTube views.