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'Power From a Less Obvious Place' is Tagline of BBH Effort

Published On
Aug 23, 2013

Editor's Pick

Sometimes, you don't have to be the one in the spotlight. Sometimes -- when you're comfortable in your own skin -- you can be just as powerful when you're the sidekick, the mediator, or the alter-ego. BBH and Audi speak to the understated luxury of the new RS 6 Avant in a powerful print ad featuring Christopher Reeve in what might be the one role he's best-known for: Not Superman, but Clark Kent. The ad features a black and white photo of the actor, along with the tagline "Power from a less obvious place."

An accompanying television spot stars boxing champions Steve Cunningham and BJ Floresand. Except, the focus isn't on them, but the man who makes the match happen: boxing referee Tony Weeks. The bout is filmed in such a way that Mr. Weeks retains the center of the shot at all times. At the end, he exits via the tunnel, towards his Audi, when the same tagline appears.