Hide and Seek turns sinister in this chilling film about domestic abuse

BBH created ad for U.K. charity Refuge to run in Picturehouse cinemas

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Apr 24, 2019

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A child plays hide and seek in a new film for U.K. domestic abuse charity Refuge, but almost immediately we know there is something wrong. 

As the little boy covers his eyes and counts, he  flinches at the sounds of slamming doors and footsteps. Eventually, we overhear snatches of his parents' arguments, and his father becoming violent.  An on-screen message then informs us that "90 per cent of the abuse in a family home happens in the presence of children." The film ends with the child and his mother playing hide and seek, this time more happily, in one of Refuge's shelters for women and children.

The ad was created by BBH London and directed by Lucy Bridger via BBH's Black Sheep Studios. It's being launched in conjunction with cinema chain Picturehouse, and will play out before every film with a "15" certificate in its 25 movie theaters.