Beware the dangers of a smart home, warns this funny ad

Don't put too much faith in all that technology

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Aug 28, 2018

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Advances in technology comes with drawbacks--there's the huge concern about privacy, of course, as well as more basic issues, like when all that hi-tech simply doesn't work. Such could lead to a downward spiral of epic proportions, as delightfully illustrated in this funny spot for no-frills Norwegian supermarket chain Rema1000, out of Try, Oslo.

The ad stars a man who has it all--his home is completely outfitted in all the latest tech, which allows him to activate anything without even pushing a button, thanks to voice activation. But then, a simple trip to the dentist shows how all could go horribly wrong.

The spot is meant to showcase how sometimes, simpler is better--as in the case of Rema1000, which only offers up a limited number of products at its stores.

The spot was directed by Andreas Riiser, via Bacon.


Aug 28, 2018
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