What Happens When a GoPro-Equipped Mini Car Hits the Rugby Field

Renault Campaign Uses Camera and Vehicle to Enliven Typically Boring Media Placement

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Apr 15, 2014

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After getting up close and personal in a giraffe-themed spot, the GoPro camera impresses us once more. This time, in a Renault ad. Last August, Buenos Aires based agency, Almacen teamed up with the French car brand just in time for the global rugby tournament The Rugby Championship. As a sponsor, Renault Argentina sought to promote the Duster -- an SUV 4x4, but via those pesky super impressions that appear at the bottom of the screen during TV broadcasts.

But it took an innovative approach to making such typically ignorable content super interesting. During the game, the Argentine national team, Los Pumas, would be facing rivals Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Almacen thought to make the car one of the Pumas -- Un Puma Mas. It sent a radio controlled miniature Duster, equipped with a GoPro camera, out onto the field to deliver the kicking tee to its teammates. The camera would capture the unique angle, broadcasting the footage to tournament fans at home and impressing those at the stadium -- via the window of the superimpression

Since the campaign launched, Renault Duster sales have increased by 44% and Renault Argentina is moving 17% more product. The company's $36,000 investment in the Duster tee carrier technology and Rugby Championship promotions resulted in a $2,400,000 media earn.