Offers Us a Glimpse of a Rent-Free Future

Latest Jeff Goldblum Spots Promote Free Rent Sweepstakes

Published On
Jul 24, 2015

Editor's Pick's campaign featuring Jeff Goldblum as a "Silicon Valley maverick" continues with some spots flagging its latest promotion. It's a pretty good one -- the chance to win free rent for a year, or even for life.

The rental website's Rent for Life Sweepstakes Promotion offers people the chance to live "rent free" by submitting a review of their current apartment to During the 12-week program period, from July 20 through October 12, will randomly select one reviewer per week to win free rent for a year for a total of 12 winners. At the conclusion of the sweepstakes, one winner will receive free rent for life.

The ads, by RPA, feature Goldblum and a "wise man from the future," who reveals that medical advancements mean he's still alive hundreds of years later -- and what's more, "everyone lives in apartments and there's no war."