Dr. Pepper : Like Report

The manliest ranking of manliness.

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Jan 10, 2013
Like Report

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What's manlier: chinese food or the mob? The answer may surprise you. A team of creatives at Deutsch L.A. have analyzed 536 million Facebook like data to bring you the "Like Report," for its Dr. Pepper TEN brand, marketed as being a diet beverage for men.

The site lets you do a bunch of things, like play a game on what guys think is "manlier," based on what they like, and also "test your manliness" by comparing your own preferences to the data available. It also lets you geek out on some more shallow data by letting you browse topics based on gender.

A blog post by Deutsch L.A.'s Bud Caddell explains more. It began when the team pitched the idea of putting up a mirror to the differences between men and women to the client -- but had to figure out what kind of numbers they would crunch to actually pull it off, and how they could make the site interesting enough that people could actually interact with it on a regular basis.