Reporters Without Borders shows us how the truth disappears without journalism

Film by BETC depicts situations we'd never know about without reporting

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Dec 15, 2020

Editor's Pick

A powerful new PSA from Reporters Without Borders aims to illustrate the message that without journalism, the truth often disappears.

The film, by BETC in Paris, depicts four different situations that only journalists can shed light on: a prisoner held in degrading conditions, exhausted migrants dying on their journey, a young woman forced into an unwanted marriage and rows of bodies of COVID-19 victims lined up on an ice rink. Toward the end of the film, the harrowing scenes gradually disappear from their environments, leaving no trace. 

Directed by Vincent Rodella via Birth, it's a powerful message in a year when governments and politicians have disputed facts, countries have tried to hide figures and trust in the media has plummeted. 

The film is running on TV in France and on international channels, digital and social media.


Dec 15, 2020
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Reporters Without Borders
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Christophe Deloire
Client Management :
Emilie Poirrier
Agency Management :
Catherine Emprin
Agency Management :
Guillaume Espinet
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Hugo Ghiglia
Agency Management :
Lucie Guigal
Executive Creative Director :
Stephane Xiberras
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Dominique Marchand
Associate Creative Director :
Jean-Michel Alirol
Art Director :
Jean-Michel Alirol
Assistant AD :
Audrey Coffignot
Copywriter :
Dominique Marchand
TV Prod :
Jennifer Braux
Production :
Director :
Vincent Rodella
Producer :
Tristan Béraud
Production Director :
Juliette Gaignault
Production Director :
Hugo Merival
Nico Poulsson
Decoration :
Pierre Pell
Casting Director :
Luce Nordmann
Stylist :
Anne-Laurie Nicolas
1st Director Assistant :
Juliane Aufort
General Manager :
Constance Lefevre
Post Production :
VFX Producer :
Guillaume Audibet
VFX Supervisor :
Yann Aldabe
Post-Producer :
Laura Warnault 
Editor :
Vincent Marchand
Editor :
Johan Luce Antoinette
Calabirator :
Emiliano Serantoni
Music :
Alex Baranowski
Sound Production :
Lime Studios
Mix and Sound Designer :
Joel Waters
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