Channel 4 Follows Up 'Superhumans' Paralympics Effort With Another Powerful Spot

The Superhuman Are Back, This Time, for the Sainsbury's Anniversary Games

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Jul 23, 2013

Editor's Pick

Last year, Channel 4 hit it out of the park with "Meet the Superhumans," the stunningly powerful film it created in-house to promote its coverage of the 2012 Paralympics. The film, directed by Tom Tagholm out of Blink featured shots of the athletes as they went about with their grueling training, and spliced that with jarring shots of how the athletes got their disabilities. It even won a Film Grand Prix at Cannes.

Now, the Channel is back with "Return of the Superhumans," a film created for the Sainbury's Anniversary Games, which brings together Olympic and Paralympic medallists to celebrate the anniversary of the London 2012 Games. It's not as surprising as its predecessor, but this spot gets a little more personal, super-imposing bold quotable sentences (from the Paralympians) on top of black-and-white shots of the athletes running, working out, and being all-out kick-ass.