How Google Search Brought Together Two Estranged Friends from India and Pakistan

Will New Film Make Google Products Appealing to an Older Generation?

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Nov 14, 2013

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Google's forte is humanizing its technology. That's never been so clear as in this moving online film released by the search giant's India offices this week. The film brings to life a story that isn't entirely original: the tale of two friends, estranged for years, and how they were brought back together. But its execution is what makes it so much more powerful. The film starts with the story of Baldev, an old man in India who tells his granddaughter about his childhood friend Yusuf. While they played together as kids, they lost each other in the blink of an eye as the country was rendered asunder with the creation of Pakistan in 1947. His granddaughter decides to use the marvels of technology to reunite the two friends.

The film is reminiscent of "Homeward Bound," another project by Google which told the story of Saroo Brierley, who found his family using Google Earth and Maps, 25 years after he was lost and seperated from them on a railway station in India.

And "Reunion" also manages to do a couple more things: advertise itself to an older generation, and ask a question Coca-Cola asked last year as well -- can a brand bring about world peace?