Ricky Gervais is the Ultimate Binge Watcher in Netflix Emmys Ad

The Actor Tries His Hand at Iconic Roles

Published On
Aug 26, 2014

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Ricky Gervais becomes a very 'involved' Netflix fan in this spot the streaming service debuted during last night's Emmys. Here, the actor pops in and out of scenes from acclaimed original Netflix series including "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black." In each one, Gervais takes on a lead role and plays alongside fan favorites, learning along the way that he should probably stick to what he knows best.

To his own dismay, the Englishman ends up struggling to deliver Frank Underwood's Southern drawl and Piper Chapman's upper crust East Coast diction. He even finds that he isn't suited to "Lilyhammer's" mafioso plots, before finally throwing in a cameo as Derek, the title character from his own Netflix-syndicated series.