Drive Badly, and You Could Be Doing Time -- With Mom

Australian Road Safety Ads Focus on the Indignities of Losing Your License

Published On
Aug 08, 2016

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Sometimes, ads warning of the risks of reckless driving don't have to resort to shock tactics to get their message across. This humorous set of ads from Western Australia's Road Safety Commisson targets younger drivers by warning them of the consequences of losing their license -- they might have to endure three months of being driven around by a parent.

The "Time With Mum" campaign, by 303 MullenLowe Perth, follows Nate, a young guy who has lost his license, as he endures various indignities in the passenger seat. These include listening to Mom singing along to the radio (as seen here), a super-awkward moment with his girlfriend, listening to Mom and Grandma's conversations, and having to wait as Mom signals at an interesction for what seems like forever.

The ads, which were directed by Tony Rogers (director of TV series "Wilfred"), will play out over 12 weeks to give young viewers the experience of a real-life license suspension period and will be supported by social posts from "Nate," as well as TV, cinema, radio and outdoor.

In launching the campaign, Western Australia's Deputy Premier and Minister for Road Safety Liza Harvey described the campaign in a statement as a "bold new approach to targeting a hard-to-reach target audience."

"'Time With Mum' is designed to give 'risk takers' an insight into how their life would be impacted should they end up in Nate's position -- and in a way they can relate to," she said. The Road Safety Commission recently released crash figures for the first half of 2016, showing 88 deaths in Western Australia to June 30, 46 of which were men aged 20 to 50.

Richard Berney, executive creative dector at 303 MullenLowe Perth, added: "The horror of choreographed crash scenes has nothing on the emotional stopping power of your own mother's taste in music. Nate is the perfect anti-hero for young drivers who crave control of their love lives, work weeks, and passenger side windows."