Lincoln : Road Trip -- Super Bowl XLVII

Created through tweets.

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Jan 30, 2013

Editor's Pick

Hudson Rouge premieres "Road Trip," Lincoln's Super Bowl effort with probably the most interesting creative process among the ads in the big game. The 30-second spot was created via "Steer The Script," a social media effort led by Jimmy Fallon where the comedian chose real consumer tweets to create a story. The ad is more of an introduction to the entire campaign -- the extended cut of the film can be viewed on

Produced by PRETTYBIRD L.A. and directed by former SNL writer Matt Piedmont, the spot was produced using input from over 6,000 tweets. Among the tweeters was a DJ from California who went into his dealership to order a new MKZ.

Among the tweets used were those that referenced an alpaca farm, a German hitchhiker, turtles crossing the road that stopped cars in their tracks, and more adventures on the road. The brand is also running another 30-second spot during the game, titled "Phoenix."