Thomas Middleditch and Verizon Save a Family in Distress in Brand's Latest Ad

'Silicon Valley' Actor Drops in to Help Mom, Dad and Baby Get to Nana's

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Apr 10, 2017

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"Silicon Valley" actor Thomas Middleditch, and his newest buddy, a giant Verizon logo, make another appearance in the mobile company's latest ad. This time, instead of dropping a mic, he's dropping himself (and the logo) in the middle of nowhere, in order to save a family stuck on the road with an overheated car. The mother, father and little one have to get to Nana's 90th, but unfortunately, Dad has no bars his phone.

No worries, Middleditch saves the day and orders them on a car with his phone on Verizon's "superior" network and unlimited plan meant to save folks in trying times like this one.

The spot was directed by Hungry Man's Bryan Buckley.