Mercedes-Benz Tells an Action Story... by Scrolling

Jung von Matt Uses 'Mosaic Storytelling'

Published On
Feb 19, 2014

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Mercedes Benz released on its website today a cool action-inspired story for the promotion of its vehicle, the GLA200 CDI 4MATIC. The interactive story features a man named Ryan who has apparently lost his memory and tries to make sense of everything around him. Starting from a scene of the protagonist completely stranded on a desert, to him chasing down a man with a GLA200 CDI that is conveniently located nearby, then to finding his possible lover Julie, the story lets viewers uncover piece by piece the ending to this mysterious story.

That story is told via what the agency, Jung von Matt, has dubbed "Mosaic Storytelling." The site lets you scroll down, push buttons and watch videos so you uncover the action piece, by piece, in a manner that resembles how you would normally digest a graphic novel, just with more interactivity. B-Reel was the production company.