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Aug 10, 2012

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Director Jake Schreier, who's repped out of Park Pictures for commercials, created this Tumblr campaign for his upcoming film, Robot & Frank, starring Frank Langella as former jewel thief whose receives an unusual present from his son--an A.I. caretaker. The Tumblr features faux ads illustrating life with the VGC-60L--the 'bot featured in the film, who apparently, makes for a great playdate, sheet music page turner, and dance partner. (Check out more executions to the right.)The ads also point to a website, which, at least for now, doesn't show anything.

Schreier took the photos of the ads himself, "with some great help from the folks at the Park Pictures L.A. office," he says. As for what inspired the site, "I've been friends with [Tumblr staffers] Justin Ouellette and Danielle Strle for a while, my own website is a Tumblr, so I've been watching a lot of the other Tumblr campaigns that movies are starting to do. The good ones tend to feel fun and filmmaker-driven. It's more about coming up with a project you think would be interesting than really targeted advertising. For ours, I just wanted to tap into the 'I want my own robot' feeling that we hear a lot at festivals after people see the movie. That said, it's been funny to see some of the comments of people who are creeped out by it too."

Schreier says more executions are on the way in the coming weeks. The film debuted at Sundance eariler this year, taking the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize, and it's set for wider release beginning on August 17. Check out the film's trailer and Creativity's 2005 Director to Watch profile on Schreier, who's done a whole lot more since then.