My Father was a Butcher: Designer Roland Mouret's Moody Film Peeks Into His Childhood Inspiration

Not for the Faint of Heart: Lee Ford-directed Film Approaches Fashion with Blood and Guts

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Dec 09, 2013

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Here's a poignant piece of filmmaking, but it's not for the faint of heart. In it, a young boy looks on as his butcher father takes his cleaver to the carcasses of rabbits, birds and more. The textures and mood impart an indie-film feel to the nostalgic piece, yet it's a promo for fashion designer Roland Mouret, known for his "Galaxy" dress worn by celebrities like Carrie Mulligan, Rachel Weiss and Cameron Diaz. Interestingly, Mr. Mouret's clothes make just a cameo in the film, worn by stage actress Leanne Best, whose glamorous scenes of getting ready surreally intercut with the raw vignettes from the butcher shop.

The film, entitled "Titane Lune," was directed by Lee Ford out of Stable, the newly formed shop from former Therapy founder Barry Hughes. It serves as an homage to Mr. Mouret's butcher father, who inspired him to become a dressmaker. Even the way Mr. Mouret senior folded his apron -- to cover bloodstains from his work -- inspired the designer's own creations, which also feature folding details reminscent of his father's cover-up.

British actor Geoff Bell (Girl with a Pearl Earring, Making Waves, RocknRolla) portrays Mr. Mouret's father in th e film. According to Mr. Ford in a statement, "Roland was very keen from the start to make a non-fashion fashion film, using actors rather than models."


Dec 09, 2013
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Roland Mouret
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