Coke Brings Green to Gray Office Park World With New Surprise Stunt

Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Rolls Out Pop Up Park for Brand

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Oct 01, 2013

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Remember that scene in "Pretty Woman," in which Richard Gere's character seeks clarity by walking around the park barefoot? Well, kicking off your shoes can be a nice little break in the day -- at least Coca-Cola and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam seem to think so. In the latest installment of its "Where Will Happiness Strike Next?" campaign, they've brought a little of that green to the boring, gray office park world with "Roll Out Happiness." The effort brings insta-park to the suit and tie set, unravelling a familiarly-shaped lawn for passersby to relax on. Along with the grass, there are also (surprise!) vending machines dispensing the soda, but in order to get the Coke, people will have to kick off their shoes.

This isn't about world peace or even sharing, per se, but it is about bringing people together for a break. And breaks are important.


Oct 01, 2013
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy-Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director/Production :
Mark Bernath
Executive Creative Director/Production :
Eric Quennoy
Creative Director :
Edu Pou
Art Director :
Max Gebhardt
Copywriter :
Max Arlestig
Head of Production :
Erik Verheijen
Agency Producer :
Judd Caraway
Agency Producer :
Lars Fabery
Production Company :
Brenninkmeijer & Isaacs
Director, Photography :
Clemens Baumeister
Executive Producer :
Jelani Isaacs
Producer :
David Leite
Production Designer :
Martin Krejzlik
Line Producer :
Gerda Serbentaite
Editing Company :
The Gentlemen's Club
Editor :
Benjamin Putland
Audio Post :
Audentity Music and Sound
Sound Designer/Mixer :
Niels den Otter
Music :
Niels den Otter
Post Production Company :
Darling Post
Executive Producer :
Sander Brenninkmeijer
Compositing/Finishing :
Robert Okker
Color Grading :
Robert Thomas

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