Magician Simon Pierro Pulls 'Angry Birds' out of an iPad

Ipad illusionist plays on multiple planes in new film for "Seasons" Update

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May 16, 2013

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Simon Pierro, a magician known for his clever iPad tricks, takes the Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, and associated goodies in and out of the tablet world in this exhilarating display of digital magic. It's all to promote Rovio's "Abra-Ca-Bacon," a new update to Angry Bird "Seasons."

In the film, he miraculously makes gameplay on an iPad cross over into the real world, an idea inspired by the update itself. "The new features of the Angry Birds game provide the basis for my iPad magic," Pierro explains on his site. "Birds are launched out of the iPad with the slingshot and the magical portals teleport the Angry Birds from one iPad to the other."