Coke's Heartwarming Tales of Teen Angst Continue Message of 'Fist Bump' Design

These Films Will Send You Straight Back to Your High School Days

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Apr 27, 2015

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Earlier this week, we showed how Coke and agency Pereira & O'Dell tweaked the brand's iconic ribbons into a fist bump, as part of a Mexican campaign aimed at teens celebrating true friendship. The brand carries out the message even further in a series of heart-tugging films that send you flying back to your angsty high school days.

One illustrates how a rumor about a young couple goes off the rails, thanks to social media -- but the guy, ultimately, proves to be a stand-up dude by broadcasting a very intimate detail about himself. Another short film shows how a girl with boy problems goes out of her way to help out a newcomer at her school, while a TV ad shows how a boy helps his aspiring musician friend overcome a mishap on stage in front of all his peers. All of the tales are examples of classic, feel-good Coca-Cola storytelling and end with real-life versions of the first bump seen in the outdoor ads.

Consumers can carry out the message as well over social media by posting their own fist bumps on social media on Vines or Instagram photos using the hashtag #VerdaderoAmigo (or #TrueFriend).