Reebok Makes You Run to Watch This Movie

Movie Watchers Have to Work to See a Film

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Aug 19, 2015

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Back in April, Reebok and Seoul agency Innored created a thrilling, heart-pouding game out of a subway out of home ad. Now, they're making cinemagoers work to watch the latest flick in another fun stunt, which turns the typically sedentary experience of watching a movie into a sweat-inducing workout.

Reebok surprised visitors at a local cinema when the historical action flick on screen hit a snag and a "buffering" icon appeared. Spotlights then lit up at the front of the theater, illuminating a pair of mysterious treadmills before the front row. Eventually, movie-watchers jumped on board and started running, figuring out that as long as they kept working out, the movie would continue playing.

The campaign is designed to encourage folks tied to their devices to get moving while promoting the ZPump shoe, with the brand message "Get Moving, Get Pumped."

It looks like brands are starting to make consumers really sweat for their goods -- Gatorade did something similar in its latest ads released yesterday, featuring some really frustrating vending machines.

The brand released this video today and will hold a "Run the Movie" event in two weeks in Seoul.