What If You Could See Through Trees and Other Obstacles While Driving?

British PSA Makes It Clear You Shouldn't Speed on Rural Roads

Published On
Oct 10, 2014

Editor's Pick

This ad from the U.K.'s Department for Transport warns drivers of the dangers of country roads, but with an innovative twist: It makes everything in the landscape look transparent.

Agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO worked with ScanLAB Projects to make the scenery see-through with special laser-scanning technology. The scans were animated in post-production to show a car speeding along a country road. Although the viewer can see the danger around a particular bend in the road, the driver can't. The speeding car careens into an oncoming tractor, resulting in a horrific crash. The end titles read, "If you could see the danger through the bend, you'd slow down," followed by, "Brake before the bend, not on it."

This spot still manages to shock, despite its ominous build-up; and considering that 60% of all road fatalities in Great Britain happen on country roads, that's important.