Ryan Reynolds seeks donations for kids in hospital so they can get back to being ‘pr*cks’ again

The actor (and his horrible sweater) return for another SickKids holiday fundraiser—with cameos from Michael Bublé and Auston Matthews

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Dec 06, 2023
Ryan Reynolds in an ugly holiday sweater, hugging a kid in hospital

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Kids aren’t themselves when they’re sick—meaning, they aren’t the huge pains in the ass that they normally are.

That’s the amusing starting point of the new SickKids holiday campaign, in which Ryan Reynolds—an ambassador for the Canadian hospital—asks for donations through a series of amusing interactions with the children there. Along the way, we see the hospital staff training the kids to be more difficult, in preparation for a return to the real world.

The spot was made by Maximum Effort in partnership with students from Vancouver Film School’s film production program. 


This is the fifth year in a row that Reynolds—and his ugly sweater—have done a spot for SickKids at the holidays. The past four efforts have raised more than $2.3 million. Samsung, in its fourth year supporting the campaign, is offering matching gifts (up to $100,000) through Dec. 24.

Donations can be made through sickkidssweaterlove.ca. Those interested in buying the Reynolds sweater can visit thesickkids5fifty5shop.ca.