Ryan Reynolds 'uncovers' FDR's lost fireside chat for Aviation Gin

Ad featuring the 32nd President promotes cocktail giveaway for National Aviation Day

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Aug 19, 2021

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Earlier this week, the Ad Council tapped Pope Francis to promote confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine. Today, Ryan Reynolds turns to the country’s 32nd president to shill his brand Aviation Gin.

During his tenure as president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously delivered 31 fireside chats on the radio to update U.S. citizens on recovery during the Great Depression, his New Deal initiatives and more.

A new social video from Reynolds’ agency Maximum Effort sets a black-and-white photo of FDR to what’s being touted as FDR’s 32nd, “lost" fireside speech. In it, he speaks about how delicious Aviation American Gin is. “You would not believe how smooth this stuff is,” he says before officially declaring Aug. 19th “National Aviation Day ” and promising that anyone who purchases an Aviation cocktail at a participating bar or restaurant will be reimbursed for it “in celebration of smooth deliciousness.”

The visuals then transition to a monochrome shot of Reynolds, sitting in front of a roaring hearth with his bottle of Aviation. 

“In 1939, President Roosevelt drank a few negronis and immediately declared August 19th National Aviation Day,” Reynolds said in a statement. “But don't take mine or FDR's words for it—try it yourself. That's right: this Aviation Day, I'm buying.” 

The promotion actually extends beyond the holiday until Aug. 22. Anyone 21 and older who buys an Aviation Gin cocktail (up to $7 in price) can claim their refund at https://aviationday2021.com/.


FDR did indeed declare Aug. 19 National Aviation Day back in the day, but it was actually meant to celebrate the development of flight and the aircraft industry, coinciding with aviation pioneer Orville Wright’s birthday.