Air New Zealand Heads to Hollywood in Funny Safety Video Starring Anna Faris and Rhys Darby

Airline Continues Its Comedic Legacy on Warner Brothers Soundstage

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Jul 21, 2016

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Air New Zealand travels to Hollywood for its latest in-flight safety laffer starring Rhys Darby ("Yes Man," "Pirate Radio") and Anna Faris ("Scary Movie" franchise, "The Hot Chick," "The House Bunny"). The airline continues its legacy of slapstick videos with the help of the comedic actors, who explore practically every classic silver-screen scenario as a pair of ANZ flight attendants interject some important traveler safety tips along the way.

A cop film, a romance, a horror flick (in which Faris slips out of character to play the "scary" ghouls herself) and even a western provide a fertile platform for Air New Zealand to insert typically snooze-inducing safety info in comedic ways.

For example, when the duo are playing police in hot pursuit of a perpetrator, Air NZ staff magically appear in the back seat reminding them to buckle up. During a love scene, oxygen masks drop from the sky to interrupt a big smooch and in the middle of a scary movie moment in which Darby prepares to unclothe for a midnight swim, the flight attendants return with a lifejacket instructional. The blockbuster production was shot at Warner Brothers Studio in Hollywood.

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