Move Over, Oscars: Delta Has Announced a Most Unusual Awards Show

Flier Honors Greatness in Its Own Safety Videos

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Feb 26, 2016

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It seems like Delta is trying to draw eyeballs away from the Academy Awards on Sunday night and onto a contest of its own: The Safetys.

With its agency Wieden & Kennedy, New York, the airline has announced a new competition for a genre that's become a hotbed of creativity: safety videos. But here's the catch--it's only open to Delta's safety films. So the likes of Virgin and Air New Zealand need not apply.

Ahead of the big event on Sunday, Delta has opened the vote on Twitter. One poll asks followers who should win the lifetime achievement award -- Yo Gabba Gabba, who appeared in "Delta's New In-Flight Safety Video" from 2015; Screaming Goat, one of the stars of the "Internetest Safety Video on the Internet", also from last year or Diagram A321, a key player in all of the airlines' safety videos as well as seat cards around the world.

Other polls will include "Best Stow in an Overhead Bin" and "Best Breakthrough Performance."

Viewers can follow the contest through @Delta on Twitter and via #Safetys. The winners will be announced on Sunday, February 28 at 7PM EST.