Samsung Shines a Light on Just How Crazy Working Out Can Be

Galaxy S7 and Gear Fit2 Help to Make Sense of it all by Organizing Workouts and Tracking Progress.

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Jan 03, 2017

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Just as everyone gets back to the gym after the holidays, Samsung decides to take a closer look and spotlight just how insane working out really is.

Wieden + Kennedy Portland has dialed up the gym craziness in a film that shows people participating in activities that may seem everyday, but look deeply strange on closer inspection.

"Working out is kind of crazy," admits one woman as she hangs upside down, and a weightlifter admits to "Talking out loud to ourselves in a repetitive fashion." As we tour the gym and the streets, we see exercise in a new light -- people admit they "climb the stairs to nowhere," or "let adults berate you in front of other adults and pay for it."

Back in the locker room, the film concludes, "We are not normal. We are surrounded by mirrors, yet none of us can see it. Yeah, working out is kind of crazy but aren't we all? Bring on the New Year."

The 60-second spot promotes Samsung's Galaxy S7 and Gear Fit2 as a way to make sense of it all by organizing your workouts and tracking your progress. It was directed by Steve Ayson, who has also worked with the agency on Old Spice and Nike, through MJZ.

Two additional 30-second spots, "Honey" and "Mannequin," show novices starting out on their exercise regimes. They were directed by Nick Ball through Furlined.