This Mourning Woman Will Transfix You -- But for What?

You May Be Surprised by What She Is Promoting

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Jul 14, 2015

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You'll be captivated by the throes of emotion experienced by the woman in this stunning ad. The camera remains fixed on her face, as dazzling lighting effects illuminate her features and highlight her raw feeling as she's gripped by something before her. It turns out that she's viewing something on her television -- a Samsung UHDTV.

While tugging at your heartstrings has been a go-to strategy for tech and electronics companies, Samsung takes it to an artsy extreme in the new ad, created out of CHI & Partners and directed by Somesuch's Aoife McArdle. Ms. McArdle was inspired by director Errol Morris' Interrotron interviewing technique seen in his documentaries such as "The Fog of War," as she told the blog 1.4. She filmed the actress, Benedicte, as she was viewing emotional news footage, and the Morris-inspired technique allowed her "to capture an unmediated, spontaneous response from the subject. So the emotion you are witnessing on camera is true. No premeditation."

Ms. McArdle's other keen choices contributed to the beauty of the film, including special lighting by Daniel Landin, intended to "reflect the magic of television in its purest form," she said. She also took special care during casting and looked for "characters with stories in their faces who could exhibit true emotion without self-consciousness."