A Samsung holdout is obsessed with folding objects in Galaxy ad

Ad from W+K Amsterdam appears to poke fun at iPhone users

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Sep 08, 2022

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Samsung's latest Galaxy spot does two things; it has a lot of fun with the folding mechanism of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, and it gently pokes fun at iPhone users.

The ad, by Wieden and Kennedy Amsterdam, revolves around a young woman who refuses to give up her phone for a Samsung, even after her friend shows off the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and she becomes obsessed by how it folds. She starts to see folding objects everywhere in everyday life, from her sandwich to her yoga class, books to toilet seats (and the spot, playfully directed by Matias and Mathias via Bacon, throws in plenty of such scenes for good measure). Still she insists that she loves her phone, but eventually, plagued by nightmares about folding, she tries to fold her own phone and fails, only then succumbing to the lure of the Samsung Galaxy website.

The campaign is rolling out globally, including in the U.S. and in Europe. As well as the main TV ad, Samsung made a series of five shorter films (below) designed to bring the capabilities of the device’s flexible format to life. They aim to grab the attention of potential switchers by asking "Don’t you wish your phone could?"



The scenarios include phones integrated into scenes of galloping horses in a wild savannah, downward-dog moves at yoga retreat, an intense sit-up workout, and a boy bowing to an expectant theater audience (of other individuals sitting at 90-degree angles).

The push comes at a key time for mobile users, just as Apple announced its new range. The brand wanted to emphasize that, while other brands might announce incremental changes, the Samsung flip phone offers an innovation that's actually tangible. 


“Creatively, we’ve embraced the people who proudly say they’d “never switch to Samsung,” making them feel seen and understood on the emotional journey of switching," said Ramona Todoca and Ed Olhagaray, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam creative directors, in a joint statement. "Instead of selling them on the latest innovation, we use something that happens in real life to plant the seed of doubt, then watch it grow… and multiply.” 



Sep 08, 2022
Client :
Samsung Galaxy
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy-Amsterdam
Chief Marketing Officer :
Stephanie Choi
Head of Brand Marketing & Global Launch Campaign :
Sonia Chang
Principal Professional :
Yong Woo Kim
Integrated Marketing Communications Manager :
Nooree Hur
Managing Director :
Blake Harrop
Executive Creative Director :
Eric Quennoy
Executive Creative Director :
Mark Bernath
Creative Director :
Ramona Todoca
Creative Director :
Edouard Olhagaray
Art Director :
Cecilia Pignocchi
Art Director :
Florian Barthelmess
Copywriter :
Andrew Duncan
Head of Broadcast Production :
Joe Togneri
Executive Producer :
Endy Hedman
Producer :
Yaya Zhang
Producer :
Hayley Vair
Planning Director :
Thom Dinsdale
Planner :
Ipek Tosun
Comms Strategy Director :
Akua Harris
Group Account Director :
Eleanor Thodey
Account Director :
Luke Hickey
Account Manager :
Mauro Sala
Business Affairs :
Sametta Gbilia
Studio Director :
Lizzie Murray
Designer :
Lewis Beedham
Designer :
Olya Kuzovkina
Motion Designer :
Muhcine Ennou
Motion Designer :
Serhii Serbin
Motion Designer :
Stelios Nikolaou
Production Company :
Director :
Matias & Mathias
Director of Photography :
Benjamin Loeb
Producer :
Henrik Berthelsen
Executive Producer :
Samuel Cantor
Editing :
Art Official Agency
Editor :
Ben Canny
Audio Post :
Factory Studios
Sound Designer/Mixer :
Dan Beckwith
Sound Designer/Mixer :
Jack Hallett
Producer :
Beth Massey
Original Composition :
Artist :
Phillip Kay
Artist :
Publisher :
Boosey & Hawkes (London)
Publisher :
Albersen Verhuur B.V. (The Hague)
Master :
Artist :
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Master :
Universal Music
Artist :
Angelic Journey
Stock Track :
Upright Music
Post Production :
Black Kite Studios
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Andrew Curtis
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Amy Richardson
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Tmls AS
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C4D :
Matthew Schoen
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Ola Tandstad
Producer :
Thomas Cole
Head of Studio :
Lauren Loftus

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