Samsung : Santa's Work Trip

What's on that video, Mrs. Claus?

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Dec 17, 2012

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By now, you've probably seen the Samsung ad where a wife shares a video with her husband just as he's leaving for a trip, cautioning him to not watch it on the plane. Now, 72&Sunny is back with an Xmas-themed version of that ad which is so ridiculous, it feels like it should be a spoof. This time, it's Mrs. Claus who is the purveyor of that illicit video. "Don't watch it on the sleigh," she says.

While the Internet seems to overwhelmingly think that there is probably some naughty business going on when it comes to the contents of that video, Peter Hartlaub at the SF Chronicle has some other ideas, for example: a bootleg copy of "Skyfall." Since we're already scarred by the very thought of Santa and the Mrs. swapping sex-tapes, we're going to go with those other, less sexy explanations.